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Spiffing good fun at the Chap Olympiads

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Spiffing good fun at the Chap Olympiads

Last Saturday The Boy and I dug out the tweed and seamed stockings (for me not The Boy!) and headed down to Bedford Square Gardens to be stewards for the day at the Chap Olympiads! To say I was excited was a wee bit of an understatement!

(C) TomJWard Photographs

The Chap Olympiads is an eccentric sports day for Vintage lovers! There where beautiful ladies, dashing gents and tweed as far as the eye can see!

We turned up early and met all the lovely people who are part of the Chap family. They either work for/with the fabulous Chap magazine, have volunteered before or where first timers (like the boy and me). Everyone was so friendly and very well turned out (even in the crazy heat).


The day’s events started with the Opening Ceremony : the Lighting of the Olympic Pipe. In true Chap fashion Gustav Temple (the Chap’s Editor) took to the stage with the most impressive pipe…
(C) TomJWard Photographs

The games are open to all tickets holders and filled up so quickly! With just under a dozen different events there where a lot to pick from but all with a high level of silliness evolved!

First up the Tea Pursuit! Participants had to do a relay of the stage on bicycles not spilling a drop of tea from the cup and saucer. I didn’t really think through my cream dress and people on bikes with tea but luckily I managed to avoid all spillages. There does seem to be a high level of photos of me looking bossy with a tea-pot but was a great start to the games!

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(C) TomJWard Photographs

The silliness just carried on from there…

Beach VolleyBowler


Umbrella Jousting

1001504_591047174280428_79554935_n 9287590833_8bba2caa07_b

Well Dressage – With the beautiful ladies from the Vintage Mafia judging

9287555557_f1d5fd2677_b 9290317678_ae87d0d818_b

And the most difficult of all the games… Not Playing Tennis

9287332547_d1407ec8e1_b (C) TomJWard Photographs

There was even some music from The Speakeasy Three – who we saw recently supporting Caravan Place at the 02


Even though we where working hard The Boy still managed to get some fantastic photos…

(C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs photo-7 photo-25 photo-24

All in all it was a fantastic day and I cannot thank the team enough for letting us come and help out!

Roll on next year!!!


Vintage Fair Goodness

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Vintage Fair Goodness

The Boy and I had a very lovely Sunday a couple of weeks ago, wandering around the Bethnal Green’s Affordable Vintage Fair, organised by the Judy’s Vintage Fair lot, held at York Hall!

It was such a lovely day so I donned one of my vintage summer dresses and headed east ready to shop! Unfortunately I didn’t come away with anything but the Boy got more tweed (a BARGIN at £20 for a tweed jacket with long arms!) off a stall which offered free sunglasses with every purchase – so I’m now the owner of some lovely tortoise-shell cat eye sunnies!!

I was really impressed with the fair! The main hall had all the clothes,  jewellery, bags, posters stalls but also had the Powder Puff Girls set up along one side offering vintage hair dos and make-up etc, a yummy cake stand with traditional lemonade and cupcakes etc, a stall selling discounted Crabbies (just what was called for in that heat!) and the main stage! The side room held all the furniture and home accessories etc so a really lovely mix.

The acts they had up while we where in where really good fun. There was a circus act, a juggler and Mr B…

who was AMAZING!

From deepest darkest Surrey, and with a decade of gentlemanly catterwalling under his belt, Mr.B brings you Chap-Hop, re-acquainting Hip-Hop with the Queen’s English from whence it came. His legendary live recitals have earned him plaudits, largely from top shelf gentlemen’s quarterlies.

Anyone who enjoys a good suit, electric banjo and hip hop (or Chap-hop as he calls it) can’t fail to be entertained by this rather dapper gentleman and he was sporting one rather impressive tash! Mr B is linked with the rather spiffing magazine The Chap and has a very entertaining set list of old school hip-hop and his own songs that won’t fail to have you giggling! My favourite has to be Timothy – a song about an old school chum…

His new album (The Tweed Album) is due to be released pretty soon – click here for a taster

Will be keeping my eyes peeled for any upcoming dates this fine fellow has in the future!

Just going to tag these on the end… not normally a lover of myself in photographs but the Boy is just so good I had to share these with you guys too!!!