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Another month, another fancy dress party to attend!

To celebrate two of my friends being in their house for over a year now they decided to throw a Cowboys and Indians party. Initially I was stuck… I didn’t want to go as something generic and typically my friends go ALL OUT with fancy dress (which I’m sure you have caught on by now) I hit the internet and got very distracted whilst trying to do research…

Did I want to go über vintage and go for the rodeo cowgirls get up?

Or the traditional Clint Eastwood look?

Pin-up cowgirl?

As Jane Russell in the outlaw?

Or even true grit styley?

Then it hit me… what is my favourite western… that’s set in SPACE… FIREFLY! I get to be all steampunky and have a huge space gun!

Shockingly I owned most of my outfit already so all I needed to buy was a top which thanks to Camden market was quite easy to pick up!

Think we all ended up looking pretty fantastic…!


Now I just need to get on with making a hippy outfit for next month party!