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The best way to start the Festive Season… The Muppets Christmas Carol Sing A Long!

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The best way to start the Festive Season… The Muppets Christmas Carol Sing A Long!

To say I was excited about discovering that the Prince of Wales Cinema in Leicester Square was showing a Muppets Christmas Carol sing-a-long is an understatement. You would be closer in saying that there was a lot of high pitch squeaking, immediate buying of three tickets and possibly a little happy dance you would be closer to the truth!

So I dragged Blondie and The Boy with me (the latter being not too impressed that I was making him come too!) The seats were unallocated so we rocked up 30 mins before the time on our ticket only to find the line going round the cinema already! The buzz was AMAZING and everyone was in a fantastic mood!

Once we where in we noticed we had some special guests…


The Puppets Luther and Bruce! – excuse the bad photo we where in a dark cinema after all! They have their own youtube channel here

They where AWESOME!

Once the film started we booed, cheered, heckled and sang our little hearts out (including the grumpy boy much to his horror!). It was definitely the best way to get our festive season started! Think we have a new Christmas tradition!


The day The Boy and I learnt to Lindy Hop

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The day The Boy and I learnt to Lindy Hop

Ever since The Boy and I went to the Goodwood Revival in 2010 I’ve been wanting to learn how to dance (The Boy was a little bit more hesitant) Now we’ve been to a few most vintage events and I always end up watching all the amazing dancing not able to really join in as it looks so intimidating!

I’ve been looking into weekly dance lessons and came across an all day session hosted by Swing Patrol . I mentioned it in passing to The Boy (not thinking he would say yes) and before I knew it he’d booked the tickets and we where off to brick lane to learn to Lindy Hop!

To say we where nervous was an understatement. I was going to have to learn to follow – to give up control – not something I am particularly fond of and The Boy was going to have to dance in a room full of strangers without any dutch courage! Before we even got to the bloody venue I had already fallen over (it happens a lot) so I wasn’t too hopeful being able to control my limbs! BUT we turned up and where instantly put at ease (well sort of) by our lovely dance teachers Saul and Simone (watch them at work here) got us to warm up doing silly dance moves and then our hours of dancing started!

The day was broken up in to three sections…

12.30-1.45pm – Introduction to SIX BEAT swing

15min break

2.00-3.15pm – Introduction to EIGHT BEAT Lindy Hop

15min break

3.30-4.45pm – Introduction to CHARLESTON

It was intense, quick and boiling but the best fun we’ve had in ages! Think I didn’t stop giggling from start to finish and even The Boy was starting to get a grips with it! I didn’t think I would like the Charleston as it was at the end of a long day and looked so complicated but it was so much fun. I’m so glad we did it! I would like to say we looked like this by the end…

…but I think it will take a LOT more practice for that!

Saul did mention that we should do some social dancing which sounds terrifying but fun!  Might be our next venture into dancing…?

He did also talk about watching the film Hellzapoppin for inspiration, which I’ve never heard of before but after this clip I will be hunting it down!

Spiffing good fun at the Chap Olympiads

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Spiffing good fun at the Chap Olympiads

Last Saturday The Boy and I dug out the tweed and seamed stockings (for me not The Boy!) and headed down to Bedford Square Gardens to be stewards for the day at the Chap Olympiads! To say I was excited was a wee bit of an understatement!

(C) TomJWard Photographs

The Chap Olympiads is an eccentric sports day for Vintage lovers! There where beautiful ladies, dashing gents and tweed as far as the eye can see!

We turned up early and met all the lovely people who are part of the Chap family. They either work for/with the fabulous Chap magazine, have volunteered before or where first timers (like the boy and me). Everyone was so friendly and very well turned out (even in the crazy heat).


The day’s events started with the Opening Ceremony : the Lighting of the Olympic Pipe. In true Chap fashion Gustav Temple (the Chap’s Editor) took to the stage with the most impressive pipe…
(C) TomJWard Photographs

The games are open to all tickets holders and filled up so quickly! With just under a dozen different events there where a lot to pick from but all with a high level of silliness evolved!

First up the Tea Pursuit! Participants had to do a relay of the stage on bicycles not spilling a drop of tea from the cup and saucer. I didn’t really think through my cream dress and people on bikes with tea but luckily I managed to avoid all spillages. There does seem to be a high level of photos of me looking bossy with a tea-pot but was a great start to the games!

ALeqM5iB8Bxo7gi9J2XmQLxSYfH3WMS76w9290433340_9cb640bd84_b photo-28 9290415914_87688055f0_b

(C) TomJWard Photographs

The silliness just carried on from there…

Beach VolleyBowler


Umbrella Jousting

1001504_591047174280428_79554935_n 9287590833_8bba2caa07_b

Well Dressage – With the beautiful ladies from the Vintage Mafia judging

9287555557_f1d5fd2677_b 9290317678_ae87d0d818_b

And the most difficult of all the games… Not Playing Tennis

9287332547_d1407ec8e1_b (C) TomJWard Photographs

There was even some music from The Speakeasy Three – who we saw recently supporting Caravan Place at the 02


Even though we where working hard The Boy still managed to get some fantastic photos…

(C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs (C) TomJWard Photographs photo-7 photo-25 photo-24

All in all it was a fantastic day and I cannot thank the team enough for letting us come and help out!

Roll on next year!!!

Cocktails, Cakes and Lego Robots? Exploring Drink Shop Do!

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Cocktails, Cakes and Lego Robots? Exploring Drink Shop Do!

I have been dying to finally visit Drink Shop Do so I rounded up some of my favourite arty-farty people and headed over to King cross for some Lego sillyness!

Outside 2

All the good things I had heard about Drink Shop Do hadn’t been wrong! For a former Victorian bathhouse a 2 min trot from King’s Cross station and the downstairs bar being a former sex shop, the whole place just felt like home to me! The small entrance from the street is deceptive: stairs at the back lead to a giant, columned room, lit by a large skylight window surrounded by huge paper cranes (some with top hats!!!). That leads to the “dome-room” – in which you can imagine a semi-circle of Victorian gentlemen encased, neck down, in steam baths- now with a giant disco ball and fairy lights. As soon as you walk in there is so much to look at and they have a huge list of arty activities to keep you entertained! Ranging from Tea Cosy Knitting to Play With Clay David Bowie Style… after many a email voting for our fav we decided to hit up the Lego Robots evening as we are basically big kids!
The cakes all looked yummy, the cocktail list was full of gin goodness, fun arty things to look at everywhere!

IMG_6968 Cranes, crafting and cake! IMG_6972 IMG_6969IMG_6931

They have a resident designer and everything is up for sale – from the art on the wall to the chairs and table we were sat at! It keeps the decor constantly changing so each time you visit it’s a different experience! Our table was particularly cute…

Ms Frank and Ro got down to business ordering tea for two and I had a cocktail and brownie whilst we waited for the Lego!

IMG_6928 IMG_6938 IMG_6942


Then we got down to the serious business…. building our robot. As we worked out that we had about a decade of years spent doing art degrees between us the pressure was on!


I was little to no help as I kept breaking/knocking/moving/playing with our robot (and the adorable salt and pepper set!) but we still managed to produce a robot the likes of which will never be seen again!

Let me introduce you to Terrance the time travelling techno-bot…
IMG_6963 IMG_6989

We loved it so much we’ve got a plan to come back to do the Paper Mache Monster Mash… I get the feeling it may get messy!

My BubbleDogs date with the lovely Ms Frank

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My BubbleDogs date with the lovely Ms Frank

Ms Frank and myself have decided we MUST do more things out and about in London so when she suggested trying out BubbleDogs I jumped at the suggestion… champagne AND gourmet hot dogs, it sounded perfect!


We were prepared for a wait…which was a good thing as we had to wait for an hour to be seated. The restaurant itself is all exposed brink and trendy ceiling lights (which I’m obsessed with!) located just up from Tottenham Court road (closer to Goodge Street) so is wonderfully central! Once we were called in… we were crammed on a table with other people, made to sit on science lab stools and were pressed up against the people sat at the table behind… lucky the food (and the company) made up for that.

(C) paul winch-furness

Bubbledogs, London; image via

We both opted for a glass of pink bubbles and sides of sweet potato fries and I went for the BLT – bacon wrapped with caramelized lettuce and truffle mayo…. TRUFFLE MAYO!  You can quite easily say I was a very happy little mayo addict!

Image taken from

I also really loved all the BubbleDogs artwork that was up and about inside…very cute!

hotdog1 champ2 hotdog2 164240_155700441273357_1431553906_n

I’m sure you can tell that I was so excited about the bubbles and hot dogs (did I mention the truffle mayo!?)  and happily chatting away with Ms Frank that I forgot to take any photos at all… bar this one of the lovely lady below. Thankfully the big wide world of the internet provided the other photos – phew!


The wait is killer if you’re starving but it’s a fab payday treat and I will definitely be back (did I mention the mayo!? ha) Check out their website here for yourself!

Looking forward to my next friend date with the lovely Ms Frank!

The Girlest Day Out

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Over Easter Blondie and I decided to have a “girly day out” and enjoy London a little… not something we do very often! Food, shopping, a little exploring and a Limp Bizkit cover band … it… was… AWESOME!

Our day started with a coffee stop at The Attendant.

Built around 1890 and mothballed in the 1960s, the Attendant has been dormant for more than fifty years.

After two-years planning and restoration the old Attendant’s office has been turned into a little kitchen and the original porcelain urinals have become an inspired line with green seating to match the original Victorian floor tiles.


IMG_5740 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5750 IMG_5751 IMG_5754 IMG_5755

 The Attendant is really beautiful! You can see all the care and work Peter Tomlinson took into converting this disused loo into somewhere with very yummy hot cross buns!

All the photos of the public toilet before the transformation can be found on pintrest

After shopping we decided we must have earned a treat and ended up in The Parlour, one of the restaurant in Fortnum & Mason.

The Parlour Restaurant, situated on the First Floor, provides a gastronomic ice cream indulgence to children (and adults) of all ages. Many of our flavours are found nowhere else in the world.

We went crazy and ordered pink bubbles and the sherry trifle. It was the BIGGEST sunday I’ve seen and waaaay more alcoholic than we where expecting!

IMG_5814 553245_10151887572075166_1917215844_n IMG_57911737_10151887603105166_1451573488_n

Safe to say we where very happy bunnies by the end of our day out (and a wee bit squiffy)

As if our day couldn’t get any better Blondie cooked up a Mass of tapas and we hit Voodoo Rock over in Angel for some rock cover bands and Limp Bizkit fun!



A Very mOBSCENE Halloween

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A Very mOBSCENE Halloween

I’m sure you would have guessed that Halloween is my favourite time of the year what with my LOVE of fancy dress.

So far this year I’ve been Mystique, a Firefly inspired space cowboy,a Hippy & The Pink Panther

It was safe to say even I was getting slightly fancy-dressed fatigued!

Even so Halloween seemed to creep up on me and I had a couple of days to cobble a costume together before the big VOODOO ROCK night in Angel.

I managed to find the perfect jacket in Primani and The Boy found me the perfect hat in Camden so I could create a mOBSCENE outfit…

So all I needed was face-paint and BUCKETS of fake blood to do my make-up

Think it worked out quite well?

Of course everyone else’s costumes looked amazing too