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Best post EVER!

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Best post EVER!

After a super stressful day at work and a soggy journey back I arrived home to find the amazing KT had sent me a beautiful Fishlock headscarf!

As I’m sure many people are realising that I have a slight addiction to leopard print (the boy refers to this as the “Pat Butcher effect”) so this will never be too far from my person!

I got so over excited I did a mini experiment of all the different ways I could wear this little beauty!

I’m sure there are 100’s of ways to show this baby off… and I plan to!

Check out my previous post on how to get your own little hands on some!!!

Thank you KT. I love my Fishlock!


Giving the greasers hankie a new life….. called ‘Fishlocks’

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Giving the greasers hankie a new life….. called ‘Fishlocks’

Just have to mention this AMAZING project that KT is doing!

What is a FISHLOCK well…

FISHLOCK is here to resurrect the greaser hankie. Ditching the word ‘hankie’ you simply refer to them as ‘FISHLOCKS’. Stick it in your pocket or wear it on your wrist, what you do with them is up to you. All Fishlocks hand stitched using and material from local independent suppliers.

I’m going to buy a whole load for myself (and possibly the Boy if he’s nice) next pay day for sure! I paticually love the pink lepoard print and the starwars print!

KT is one clever lady