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I’m in LOVE with my new Collectif dresses

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A month or so ago I saw on Facebook that Collectif was doing a 50% sale… as you can guess lots of girl squeaks happened. I was devastated to find out that it went live when I was on a research day for work so would be in bookshops instead of at my desk! Thankfully with the help of 3G I managed to get my hands on a couple of fantastic dresses!

The fabulous Georgina HorneI’ve  known of Collectif for a while as they have a great shop in the Camden market but I was always a little hesitant because I’ve found that, with some modern vintage clothes,  “plus sizes” don’t always go together well – add in the fact that I’m so tall the waists of most dresses sit under my bust –  it’s never a good look!  It wasn’t until I saw the gorgeous Georgina Horne‘s facebook page filled with photos of her in all her dresses she’s got from there (and this most recent blog post on Fuller Figure Fuller Bust  about how Collectif have taken over her wardrobe) that I decided to take advantage of the discount and add to my ever-expanding wardrobe!

The first dress I bought was already in the sale but as it’s named after one of my favourite characters I had to buy the Rizzo Dress!

Packed with style and sass, just like the lady we named this dress after, the Rizzo is a fitted pencil dress with twist detailing to the bust. Available in Green, Lilac, Red, and Plain Black, this style is full of 1950s charm, with cute ¾ sleeves, turned up and buttoned to perfection!

Rizzo Dress green

The next dress was the Sarong Blue Hibiscus Dress. I had to buy it as I love the cut, pattern and the baboo detailing – so basically everything!!!

Tiki is definitely in, and look, it’s summer again! What a perfect combination! Embody Hawaiian inspired glamour in our Sarong Dress, now available in our fantastic Blue Hibiscus print! This flattering wrap design is completed by a belt to cinch in the waist and lovely gathered detail to the front. Essential for hot summer nights!

Sarong Dress Blue Hibiscus

I’m building up to purchasing one of their circle skirt dresses but for now I’m more than happy to have these two in my wardrobe! The fit is fantastic on both and the skirt length is still a good length on me stopping just above the knee! Can’t wait to wear them somewhere soon!

I managed to finally grab The Boy to get him to take a couple of photos of me in these beauties! Bear in mind that this was after a day long of dancing so my hair is scraped back but I still love these photos! (will explain more about the dancing in the next post!)

Green Dress tiki dress


I’m already looking to see what can be the next addition… bye-bye next month’s pay check!



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Another month, another fancy dress party to attend!

To celebrate two of my friends being in their house for over a year now they decided to throw a Cowboys and Indians party. Initially I was stuck… I didn’t want to go as something generic and typically my friends go ALL OUT with fancy dress (which I’m sure you have caught on by now) I hit the internet and got very distracted whilst trying to do research…

Did I want to go über vintage and go for the rodeo cowgirls get up?

Or the traditional Clint Eastwood look?

Pin-up cowgirl?

As Jane Russell in the outlaw?

Or even true grit styley?

Then it hit me… what is my favourite western… that’s set in SPACE… FIREFLY! I get to be all steampunky and have a huge space gun!

Shockingly I owned most of my outfit already so all I needed to buy was a top which thanks to Camden market was quite easy to pick up!

Think we all ended up looking pretty fantastic…!


Now I just need to get on with making a hippy outfit for next month party!

Beautiful Shoes

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Beautiful Shoes

The other week I had the awesome opportunity of being able to visit the Design Museum’s Christian Louboutin exhibition after attending a talk there – Heaven!

As the museum was shut for the talk the exhibition was nearly empty which gave the exhibition a beautiful eery quality! It was so lovely not the have to push through crowds and take my time!

 The Design Museum presents iconic French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, celebrating a career which has pushed the boundaries of high fashion shoe design. This exhibition celebrates Louboutin’s career showcasing twenty years of designs and inspiration, revealing the artistry and theatricality of his shoe design from stilettos to lace-up boots, studded sneakers and bejewelled pumps. Be taken on a magical journey of style, glamour, power, femininity and elegance.

The Design Museum had out done themselves with the exhibition!  The exhibition is arranged under the thinking that ‘every woman wants to be a show girl’. Part circus, part garden party with a huge red runway down the middle, what could be a better place to show over 200 pairs of Louboutin most outrageous shoes. The exhibitions space is designed by Household

Household, which specialises in retail, leisure and workspace projects, has previously designed the Christian Louboutin Apartment space in Selfridge’s shoe galleries, which opened last year in the London department store. It has also designed Louboutin outlets in Beirut and Paris.

Though Louboutin did have his reservations about the exhibition…

From the press conference podium Louboutin explains that one of the difficulties of the exhibition was that the shoes were necessarily seen as objects rather than being viewed worn. “When I am designing it starts from a sketch but is never complete until the moment of seeing it on someone’s foot,” he says.

Christian Louboutin at Museum of Design in London (HD)

The Design Museum have a strict no photo policy (boo) but I found this fab video above which shows off the fantastically theoretical exhibition with it’s arched entrance,  neon “Entrée” sign, the black swagged curtains, the red velvet sofas, a carousel display and the mirrored plinths surrounded by bare bulbs, which resemble backstage vanity desks, the cabaret look is hard to miss.
Split into sections showing his different stages of his career from his inspirations to his internship as an assistant at the Folies Bergère (where he sketched shoes for the dancers in his spare time) to when he turned his hand to garden design and to his custom work with specialist artisans. They also hold his collection he did in for the Fetish exhibition in Paris in 2007 showing photography by David Lynch.

The models where apparently picked from the Crazy Horse dance troupe because of the arches of their feet! These shoes where amazing… more art than shoes.

The pièce de résistance of the show does have to be the hologram at the top of the runway of one of Louboutin’s clients Dita Von Tease.

The hologram shows Von Teese’s famous hourglass figure appears from an oversized Louboutin shoe into a dancer, before changing back once more into a large stiletto.

Making of the Show Girl

The exhibition stops on the 9th of July so if you haven’t been already make sure you get over to gaze in awe of at all the sparkles, feathers, spikes, pom-poms, googly eyes, fur and even mackerel and sardine cans with their beautiful red soles.

Vintage Fair Goodness

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Vintage Fair Goodness

The Boy and I had a very lovely Sunday a couple of weeks ago, wandering around the Bethnal Green’s Affordable Vintage Fair, organised by the Judy’s Vintage Fair lot, held at York Hall!

It was such a lovely day so I donned one of my vintage summer dresses and headed east ready to shop! Unfortunately I didn’t come away with anything but the Boy got more tweed (a BARGIN at £20 for a tweed jacket with long arms!) off a stall which offered free sunglasses with every purchase – so I’m now the owner of some lovely tortoise-shell cat eye sunnies!!

I was really impressed with the fair! The main hall had all the clothes,  jewellery, bags, posters stalls but also had the Powder Puff Girls set up along one side offering vintage hair dos and make-up etc, a yummy cake stand with traditional lemonade and cupcakes etc, a stall selling discounted Crabbies (just what was called for in that heat!) and the main stage! The side room held all the furniture and home accessories etc so a really lovely mix.

The acts they had up while we where in where really good fun. There was a circus act, a juggler and Mr B…

who was AMAZING!

From deepest darkest Surrey, and with a decade of gentlemanly catterwalling under his belt, Mr.B brings you Chap-Hop, re-acquainting Hip-Hop with the Queen’s English from whence it came. His legendary live recitals have earned him plaudits, largely from top shelf gentlemen’s quarterlies.

Anyone who enjoys a good suit, electric banjo and hip hop (or Chap-hop as he calls it) can’t fail to be entertained by this rather dapper gentleman and he was sporting one rather impressive tash! Mr B is linked with the rather spiffing magazine The Chap and has a very entertaining set list of old school hip-hop and his own songs that won’t fail to have you giggling! My favourite has to be Timothy – a song about an old school chum…

His new album (The Tweed Album) is due to be released pretty soon – click here for a taster

Will be keeping my eyes peeled for any upcoming dates this fine fellow has in the future!

Just going to tag these on the end… not normally a lover of myself in photographs but the Boy is just so good I had to share these with you guys too!!!