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My handmade Xmas tree decorations

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My department does a secret santa each year at our department lunch. Our theme was Christmas Decorations for £5 and I got my manager – PRESSURE! I wanted to find something child-friendly and something I knew she would enjoy. I also needed a present for The Boy’s parents and I do always try to make them something but I was stumped! Lucky Pintrest saved the day … Peg doll tree decorations!

I decided to make 2 different kinds… Super heroes for my manager (and her little boys) and Christmas themed ones for everyone else!

I managed to get a pack of wooden peg dolls off Etsy which turned up unbelievably quickly! so all that was next was to draw out the designs, screw in a mini eye hook pins and get messy with some paint…

IMG_9108 IMG_9107 IMG_9604 IMG_9645 IMG_9635 IMG_9659

Here’s they are finished and on my tree…

IMG_9674 IMG_9673

I really enjoyed doing this and everyone seemed to really like them (including my Manager’s boys phew!) and no one seemed to mind too much that the snowman looked like a Doctor Who baddie!  I even had time to make a Buffy peg doll for Blondie


I still seem to have quite a lot left over any suggestions on what to make next!?


Getting ready for Xmas!

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Getting ready for Xmas!

WOW where did november go?

I know I’ve been busy at work but can’t believe it’s almost December!

Normally every year I make xmas cards for my nearest and dearest but I just haven’t had the time so I’ve been doing a bit of a internet search and I’ve found some beauties!


I stumbled on to this site… which seems to have a massive range of cards here are a few of the best;

Paperchase always have pretty cards…

And Etsy always have beautiful handmade stuff…

and my fav…

Now I just have to make up my mind which to get!