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My handmade Xmas tree decorations

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My department does a secret santa each year at our department lunch. Our theme was Christmas Decorations for £5 and I got my manager – PRESSURE! I wanted to find something child-friendly and something I knew she would enjoy. I also needed a present for The Boy’s parents and I do always try to make them something but I was stumped! Lucky Pintrest saved the day … Peg doll tree decorations!

I decided to make 2 different kinds… Super heroes for my manager (and her little boys) and Christmas themed ones for everyone else!

I managed to get a pack of wooden peg dolls off Etsy which turned up unbelievably quickly! so all that was next was to draw out the designs, screw in a mini eye hook pins and get messy with some paint…

IMG_9108 IMG_9107 IMG_9604 IMG_9645 IMG_9635 IMG_9659

Here’s they are finished and on my tree…

IMG_9674 IMG_9673

I really enjoyed doing this and everyone seemed to really like them (including my Manager’s boys phew!) and no one seemed to mind too much that the snowman looked like a Doctor Who baddie!  I even had time to make a Buffy peg doll for Blondie


I still seem to have quite a lot left over any suggestions on what to make next!?


Who wants to be a SuperHero!?

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Who wants to be a SuperHero!?

The beginning of February saw the night I had been planning forever… My 25th Birthday!

In true Ms Lenith style a strict dress code/theme was put in place – Super Heros Vs Super Villains and everyone was told a few months in advance to give everyone time to get their outfits organised!

I decided to go as Mystique (the very warm option) from Xmen

I started with a Blue body and mini skirt then used this youtube video to do the details on my face/body paint…

The end result was this…

(hairband came from here and was very handy to keep my Bettie Page fringe back – and is also AMAZING!)

Lucky I have very lovely new housemates who didn’t mind me giving things a slightly blue tint!

I was quite nervous that I would be the only one who made any effort, which was a complete underestimate of my amazingly mental friends… despite the snow everyone made the most AMAZING effort!

We had Batgirl and Joker

Batman and Robin

The Black Canary

Wolverine (a fellow mutant)

Hit Girl, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

It was the BEST night… Camden really didn’t know what had hit it!

My friends ROCK!