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Cocktails, Cakes and Lego Robots? Exploring Drink Shop Do!

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Cocktails, Cakes and Lego Robots? Exploring Drink Shop Do!

I have been dying to finally visit Drink Shop Do so I rounded up some of my favourite arty-farty people and headed over to King cross for some Lego sillyness!

Outside 2

All the good things I had heard about Drink Shop Do hadn’t been wrong! For a former Victorian bathhouse a 2 min trot from King’s Cross station and the downstairs bar being a former sex shop, the whole place just felt like home to me! The small entrance from the street is deceptive: stairs at the back lead to a giant, columned room, lit by a large skylight window surrounded by huge paper cranes (some with top hats!!!). That leads to the “dome-room” – in which you can imagine a semi-circle of Victorian gentlemen encased, neck down, in steam baths- now with a giant disco ball and fairy lights. As soon as you walk in there is so much to look at and they have a huge list of arty activities to keep you entertained! Ranging from Tea Cosy Knitting to Play With Clay David Bowie Style… after many a email voting for our fav we decided to hit up the Lego Robots evening as we are basically big kids!
The cakes all looked yummy, the cocktail list was full of gin goodness, fun arty things to look at everywhere!

IMG_6968 Cranes, crafting and cake! IMG_6972 IMG_6969IMG_6931

They have a resident designer and everything is up for sale – from the art on the wall to the chairs and table we were sat at! It keeps the decor constantly changing so each time you visit it’s a different experience! Our table was particularly cute…

Ms Frank and Ro got down to business ordering tea for two and I had a cocktail and brownie whilst we waited for the Lego!

IMG_6928 IMG_6938 IMG_6942


Then we got down to the serious business…. building our robot. As we worked out that we had about a decade of years spent doing art degrees between us the pressure was on!


I was little to no help as I kept breaking/knocking/moving/playing with our robot (and the adorable salt and pepper set!) but we still managed to produce a robot the likes of which will never be seen again!

Let me introduce you to Terrance the time travelling techno-bot…
IMG_6963 IMG_6989

We loved it so much we’ve got a plan to come back to do the Paper Mache Monster Mash… I get the feeling it may get messy!


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