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My BubbleDogs date with the lovely Ms Frank

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My BubbleDogs date with the lovely Ms Frank

Ms Frank and myself have decided we MUST do more things out and about in London so when she suggested trying out BubbleDogs I jumped at the suggestion… champagne AND gourmet hot dogs, it sounded perfect!


We were prepared for a wait…which was a good thing as we had to wait for an hour to be seated. The restaurant itself is all exposed brink and trendy ceiling lights (which I’m obsessed with!) located just up from Tottenham Court road (closer to Goodge Street) so is wonderfully central! Once we were called in… we were crammed on a table with other people, made to sit on science lab stools and were pressed up against the people sat at the table behind… lucky the food (and the company) made up for that.

(C) paul winch-furness

Bubbledogs, London; image via

We both opted for a glass of pink bubbles and sides of sweet potato fries and I went for the BLT – bacon wrapped with caramelized lettuce and truffle mayo…. TRUFFLE MAYO!  You can quite easily say I was a very happy little mayo addict!

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I also really loved all the BubbleDogs artwork that was up and about inside…very cute!

hotdog1 champ2 hotdog2 164240_155700441273357_1431553906_n

I’m sure you can tell that I was so excited about the bubbles and hot dogs (did I mention the truffle mayo!?)  and happily chatting away with Ms Frank that I forgot to take any photos at all… bar this one of the lovely lady below. Thankfully the big wide world of the internet provided the other photos – phew!


The wait is killer if you’re starving but it’s a fab payday treat and I will definitely be back (did I mention the mayo!? ha) Check out their website here for yourself!

Looking forward to my next friend date with the lovely Ms Frank!


The Girlest Day Out

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Over Easter Blondie and I decided to have a “girly day out” and enjoy London a little… not something we do very often! Food, shopping, a little exploring and a Limp Bizkit cover band … it… was… AWESOME!

Our day started with a coffee stop at The Attendant.

Built around 1890 and mothballed in the 1960s, the Attendant has been dormant for more than fifty years.

After two-years planning and restoration the old Attendant’s office has been turned into a little kitchen and the original porcelain urinals have become an inspired line with green seating to match the original Victorian floor tiles.


IMG_5740 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5750 IMG_5751 IMG_5754 IMG_5755

 The Attendant is really beautiful! You can see all the care and work Peter Tomlinson took into converting this disused loo into somewhere with very yummy hot cross buns!

All the photos of the public toilet before the transformation can be found on pintrest

After shopping we decided we must have earned a treat and ended up in The Parlour, one of the restaurant in Fortnum & Mason.

The Parlour Restaurant, situated on the First Floor, provides a gastronomic ice cream indulgence to children (and adults) of all ages. Many of our flavours are found nowhere else in the world.

We went crazy and ordered pink bubbles and the sherry trifle. It was the BIGGEST sunday I’ve seen and waaaay more alcoholic than we where expecting!

IMG_5814 553245_10151887572075166_1917215844_n IMG_57911737_10151887603105166_1451573488_n

Safe to say we where very happy bunnies by the end of our day out (and a wee bit squiffy)

As if our day couldn’t get any better Blondie cooked up a Mass of tapas and we hit Voodoo Rock over in Angel for some rock cover bands and Limp Bizkit fun!