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Exploring Hackney Wick… The Walls Have Ears

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Exploring Hackney Wick… The Walls Have Ears

Two mins from Hackney Wick station the Boy and I stumbled across east London design group, The Bread Collective’s latest project… The Walls Have Ears!

Collaborating with the local community, Bread has taken a run down and neglected 100 metre stretch of road in the shadows of the Olympic Park and turned it into a beautiful, typographical mural of the area’s history. Each section representing a different link to Hackney!

A couple of my favourites…

Mint Creams

“The confectioner Clarnico is synonymous with Hackney Wick. The company, known as Clarke, Nickolls, Coombs until 1946, arrived in Hackney Wick in 1879. Despite being taken over by Trebor Bassett, the name lives on in Bassett’s Clarnico Mint Creams and also in the CNC Property company.

Just after the second world war, Clarnico was the largest confectioner in Britain but moved further across the Lea to Waterden Road in 1955 where it survived for another”


“The Parkesine Company was established at Hackney Wick in London in 1866

Parkesine is the trademark for the first man-made plastic. It was patented by Alexander Parkes in 1856. The Parkesine Company was established at Hackney Wick in London in 1866 with the aim of supplying Parkesine in quantity at a cost much below that of India rubber or gutta percha.

The company, however, failed due to poor product quality as Parkes tried to reduce costs. Parkesine’s successors were Xylonite, produced by Daniel Spill (an associate of Parkes), and Celluloid from John Wesley Hyatt. Parkesine was made from cellulose treated with nitric acid and a solvent. The generic name of Parkesine is pyroxylin, or Celluloid. Parkesine is often synthetic ivory. The Parkesine company ceased trading in 1868.”

The Bread Collective: Owen Phillips, Victoria Walmsley, Jo Lee and Luke James

The clever people at Bread’s video of the mural being painted…

Seriously worth taking a visit especially as we discovered this round the corner…


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