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Exploring Hackney Wick… Crate Brewery

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Exploring Hackney Wick… Crate Brewery

Sometimes when the Boy is in the zone and happily snapping away on his camera my attention wanders (okay mostly every time) and so whilst he was busy at the Walls Have Ear’s I went for a wonder in what I thought was a car-park with empty warehouses only to discover The Crate Brewery

Set up by brother and sister duo Jess and Tom Seaton and with the help of some fantastic volunteers and some rather clever up-cycling they have produced a really chilled space located in the White Building by the canal!  Bare lights with cut bedsprings for shades and benches made from reused ladders, slack-lines and sandbags really add to the laid-back, unpretentious, creative feel! Check out their facebook page for all the making of photos

So the Boy and I decided it was only right to sample the beer and have a pizza….

definitely the right idea!


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  1. What a great find! Love those light fittings…and the look on ‘the boy’s’ face says it all! x


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