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Have you guys discovered… The Diner?

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Have you guys discovered… The Diner?

This is one of myself and Blondie’s fav places to go when we’re feeling hungry!

The 1950’s American style diner has a fab selection of very naughty foods (the bacon chilli dog is a must try!) which you can enjoy with a pint of beer or even a traditional milkshake!

Though this is not the only reason why we seem to spend many a pre-night out here… The staff in the Camden restaurant are always amazingly nice! I know that doesn’t seem like a massive thing but they are always a happy, eccentric bunch and with the alternative music playing we can spent hours just chatting in a booth!

I took the boy to the one in Shoreditch last time he was visiting and it didn’t fail to disappoint!

Hummmm I know where I’m going for dinner tomorrow now! YUM!


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  1. Certainly have been there… and it rocks! Theres sometimes a queue but never too long to wait… and its worth it! I agree with every thing you say about the staff. I can only vouch for the one off Carnaby Street but they are all so cool and nothing is too much trouble.


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