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Who wants to be a SuperHero!?

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Who wants to be a SuperHero!?

The beginning of February saw the night I had been planning forever… My 25th Birthday!

In true Ms Lenith style a strict dress code/theme was put in place – Super Heros Vs Super Villains and everyone was told a few months in advance to give everyone time to get their outfits organised!

I decided to go as Mystique (the very warm option) from Xmen

I started with a Blue body and mini skirt then used this youtube video to do the details on my face/body paint…

The end result was this…

(hairband came from here and was very handy to keep my Bettie Page fringe back – and is also AMAZING!)

Lucky I have very lovely new housemates who didn’t mind me giving things a slightly blue tint!

I was quite nervous that I would be the only one who made any effort, which was a complete underestimate of my amazingly mental friends… despite the snow everyone made the most AMAZING effort!

We had Batgirl and Joker

Batman and Robin

The Black Canary

Wolverine (a fellow mutant)

Hit Girl, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

It was the BEST night… Camden really didn’t know what had hit it!

My friends ROCK!


My First Award!

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My First Award!

My very lovely friend Janene over at Ooobop has nominated me for a Blog award… The Liebster Blog!

“The rules are that the winners have to pay forward to other people whose sites are worth the recognition. If they accept the award, they should: thank the person who nominated them; nominate five other favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers, and copy/paste the Liebster Blog Icon into their post.”

It’s a very lovely way to get more traffic onto people site and introduce new people to new things! So thank you very much Ms Ooobop!!

I don’t read that many blogs that have less than 200 that I LOVE enough to nominte so here are only a few but I know you’ll enjoy them as much as i do… Written by my very talented friend KT – this is a blog for people who love fashion and design and things that are a little bit different! I love her AMAZING haloween make-up (may use the zipped face as inspiration next year!) you may remember her from my previous posts as she is the brains (and beauty) behind FISHLOCKS

About KatieLoves-

Working as a freelance stylist, make-up artist and spending any free time I have making and shopping, I do have a shed load of things I have found (and accumulated!) I so I thought I would probably be a good idea to share these things with the world!
Although fashion is a HUGE love of mine I do love anything that catches my eye and causes a reaction (be it clothing, furniture, tableware, magazines, pants! etc etc)
One of my favourite quotes to date is “A artist is somebody who creates things that you don’t need to have”
This quote I feel sums up this blog; I blog about things that have been made by artists, that we don’t need to have. But we buy them anyway simply because they are beautiful.
 That’s why we love them.  This very pretty new blog definitely lives up to it’s name… one to keep a eye on for sure!

and lastly… This blog is a showcase for the very talented Sammy’s amazing illustration skills! Stupidly talented… check it out and send her some love!

I also have another blog that has way over 200 followers but a worth mentioning in this round up… – If you haven’t already stumbled across this hilarious blog i suggest having a read and preparing yourself for a chuckle! Only be warned as the name suggests the language is pretty blue..! Set up by a couple of guys fed up with people getting away with parking like c*nts and wanting to set up a place to name and shame people in to a new world of parking within the lines! One half of this partnership of anonymous c*ntspotters for the blog is the only person I’ve ever met who is more opinionated than me! Also check out ZOO magazine as they are going to have a double page feature in soon – exciting stuff!

So there you have it a few interesting blogs for you to enjoy. Thank you again Janene!

Our Blitz NYE

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Our Blitz NYE

I know it’s almost March but it’s been the most mental 2 months (being burgled, having to move, turning 25) so only just getting round to asking you all how your NYEs went!?

Blondie, the Boy and myself decided to run to the shelters and see the New Years Eve in style by hitting the Blitz Party!

RUN FOR SHELTER to the new 1940s night that’s just brimming with community spirit!

Ladies, don your lipstick and tea-dresses and draw on those stockings. Men dust off your medals and wave your Union Jack with pride. Blitz Party is set to be London’s hottest new night, where cocktails, dancing and neighbourly spirit are the order of the evening.

Spread under two arches, the rooms will host the UK’s finest live swing bands, performers and DJs. Big band tunes play for fun-loving party girls who long to share a Gin French with a handsome man in uniform. The Spitfire Bar serves good old Kentish Ale and hearty food to hungry soldiers, and another room will project original newsreels and wartime films, accompanied by live music.

It was just the occasion to wear my new red pleated C&A dress I picked up at Judy’s vintage fair

The Boy was a bit stuck with what to wear so we hit Camden stables the day before and stumbled upon the most amazing store filled with vintage uniforms! We managed to pick up a whole outfit that was easily long enough for him (normally pretty difficult for someone 6″6) and only for £55 for trousers, jacket, shirt, tie and a hat!

In the end I think we looked pretty dapper…

I teamed my dress with my cape I got from the boy for Xmas (see a proper photo of it here)

And Blondie rocked up looking very ladylike (as usual) …

The lovely Blitz people had outdone themselves! The venue was HUGE with loads of different rooms decked out just like a wartime East End air shelter, filled with sandbags, Union Jacks, searchlights, blackout curtains, oil lamps even old movies playing on the wall. Ration books replaced bar menus and they even had a room offering swing lessons!  Blondie and I particularly enjoyed the champagne cocktails! The live music was fantastic and everyone got in the spirit dancing up a storm.

Awesome night all round! The Blitz parties are held every month so if you ever fancy doing something different for a night out this is your solution!

But act fast as tickets sell out so quickly!

Have you guys discovered… The Diner?

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Have you guys discovered… The Diner?

This is one of myself and Blondie’s fav places to go when we’re feeling hungry!

The 1950’s American style diner has a fab selection of very naughty foods (the bacon chilli dog is a must try!) which you can enjoy with a pint of beer or even a traditional milkshake!

Though this is not the only reason why we seem to spend many a pre-night out here… The staff in the Camden restaurant are always amazingly nice! I know that doesn’t seem like a massive thing but they are always a happy, eccentric bunch and with the alternative music playing we can spent hours just chatting in a booth!

I took the boy to the one in Shoreditch last time he was visiting and it didn’t fail to disappoint!

Hummmm I know where I’m going for dinner tomorrow now! YUM!