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Great British Goodness!

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Great British Goodness!

How much did you all love the BBC’s Great British Bake off this year!?!?

I love baking! I’m very lucky to have been taught how to bake when I was little by my Mum! One of my fondest memories is making a crumble for my dad all by myself for Sunday dinner pudding! Weirdly I can remember the crumble recipe off by heart but my postcode goes out of my head instantly! So when this program started last year I was instantly hooked!

It’s so refreshing to watch a talent, reality show with no sob stories, no wannabes, no bitchiness just people who love to bake at home for their friends!

For anyone who hasn’t watched this (is there anyone left?) Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood make a fierce but very fair judging duo who show how extremely talented they are in their own fields of baking. Dropping hints and tips all over the place to the contestants, strict standards and coining phrases like “good bake” and “soggy bottom”  they where the cutest judging couple on TV.

Every week the competition sees the bakers undertake a new baking style and tackle three challenges: their signature dish; a technical bake, in which they are given one of Paul or Mary’s recipes with incomplete instructions; and the ‘showstopper challenge’ where they must impress judges with their creativity and technical talent. For me the technical challenge is genius as it levels the field and as its judged blind means it’s just about the bake not the bakers!

And Mel and Sue where for me the cherry on top of the cake (teehee).

I couldn’t express it better than the guardian when Vicky Frost wrote…

Mel and Sue, who paint themselves as highly-trained cake Hoovers rather than interrogative presenters. They have been a joy this series – I particularly enjoyed Mel’s reference to Mary Berry being dressed “as a cowgirl” and Sue’s rallying call of “team oestrogen!”, thus bringing the contestants out of themselves and reinforcing the supportive, funny and warm ethos that has made Bake Off such essential viewing.

I want their job!

They had a great selection of contestants but I was instantly loving Mary-Anne! As a ex international rugby player (not going to hold that fact that it was for Wales against her) and with over 700 recipe books she was always the most creative and experimental of all the contestants!

I’m desperate to try out her Ploughman’s Loaf recipe I found on her blog here

In the end the winner was well deserved… you can watch the final on iPlayer here. I really hope that good things come for these passionate people!

There is already talk about how this show has gotten Britain back into baking and a new cooking book

I love how they have shamelessly put Rob Billington on the cover!!!

Can I just mention the set as well!? I’ve never wanted to cook in a tent before in my life!!!

Just want it all…

Can’t wait till next season! If any of you fancy yourself a trophy too you can enter for next years here


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  1. Aww…. lovely post Ms Lenith. I only caught a couple of them and the ploughmans loaf did it for me too! x

  2. You will be pleased to know that I am recommending Mary Berry’s “How to Cook” book by DK as our school’s cook book. I have been in contact with Mary Berry’s office to tell her this ( and how great I think the programme is too) and had a reply. Glad I have given you the cooking bug.

    Mum XXX

  3. I have to say, youve got 1 of the finest blogs Ive noticed in a long time. What I wouldnt give to have the ability to create a blog thats as interesting as this. I guess Ill just need to keep reading yours and hope that 1 day I can write on a topic with as considerably information as youve got on this one!


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