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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

After months of planning it was finally time for us to attend the BEST Halloween party ever!

Myself, Blondie and the Boy headed over to our friends Jaine’s to get ready and look amazing, have a few drinks, watch some Rocky Horror Picture Show, have a mini photo shoot and cover Jaine’s flat in glitter before heading to the The Grand Hall for the absinthe-doused soirée – The Belle Epoque Party.

I managed to get a few photos off the Boy but he took 100’s so can’t wait to see them! It’s very handy having a photographer for a bf sometimes!

What we didn’t know was that The Tassle Club where hosting a Supper Club before the main event started! We met one of the lovely ladies from the Tassle Club and will most definitely keeping an eye out for their future events!

The venue was AMAZING. It was the perfect setting and everyone was dressed up to the nines! The aerial acts, live music and the DJ all added to the best night!

Hopefully there will be more photos to come but for now check out this video of one of the acts the Boy took…!

Hope the rest of you had a fabulous Halloween!


Rock A Hula

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Rock A Hula

A couple of weeks ago I got a lovely email from the people over at Vintage Guide to London saying I had won some tickets to Rock A Hula!

Rock a Hula! is an award winning 1950s rock n roll, hula hooping and swing dancing event. It’s resident on the third Friday of every month at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes – London’s best vintage venue complete with cinema, karaoke rooms, 1950s American diner, cocktail bar and the only vintage above lane ball return outside of the US. Rock a Hula at Bloomsbury showcases the best in rock n roll/rockabilly/rhythm n blues bands, against a 1950s beach party backdrop complete with hula hooping, swing dancing lessons, palm trees, a Hawaiian photo booth and tropical cocktails. Star guests Nina’s Hair Parlour – the UK’s first vintage hairdressers – are often on hand for preening. Their resident vintage DJs are El Nino (Lady Luck/Black Cotton Club) and Tim from Hellzapoppin’ Club, and they regularly host guest hula hooping or burlesque cabaret performers.

So the 21st rolled around and myself and some of my girlys got all dolled up and headed over the Bloomsbury bowling lanes for some rockabilly hijinks.

I was a much more chilled out vibe than I was expecting, I think that was down to the bowling lanes, but was a really fun night!

The Dj was a very dapper gentleman called  Tim Hellzapoppin who we found out has his own night called Hellzapoppin which had its 22nd anniversary recently! There was also a live band playing – The Obscuritones are described as…

Close harmony and rockin rhythm. Like the Andrews Sisters singin with the Stray Cats after a night out with the Cramps. Playing the best rockabilly rarities from the fifties . . surfin, spy and garage rock from the sixties . . . and wild originals from the hereafter. With Joey & Gaby – Vocals, Sam Kidman – Twangy Surf Guitar, Andy Bavington – Double Bass, Hugh Byrne – Twangy Rockabilly Guitar, Phil Casey – Frantic Drumming.

Though my favourite act of the night was the AMAZING hula performer/act … Constance Irkles! I am not someone who is blessed with coronation at all so was left truly stunned by how effortless and easy she made dancing while hula hooping

Chuck in free swing lessons and yummy cocktails and you have a top night!

Thank you Vintage Guide to London!

14 Days and counting

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14 Days and counting

I’m getting SO excited about Halloween now! I’ve pretty much got all my bits and pieces for my outfit now… I bought this FAB corset from Corsets-UK who if you like them on Facebook they keep you updated on their corset of the day sale which is where I found my corset! So with packaging I got this £53 for £30 BARGIN!

I found the lacy mask from accessorise which is really cute but has the masquerade feel I wanted without having to pay LOADS for it (another bargain at £6!!)

I found a silky ruffle skirt lurking in my wardrobe (left over from a vampire look a couple of years ago!) and 2 metres of black and silver organza which I plan on layering and tying round my waist but leaving it over at the front!? I need to work out how to construct that!

And loads of artificial vines and roses that I spray painted black and silver…

The silver isn’t too loud which is good as I want them to look all dead and dark. I think I’m going to work out where all these go once I’ve got the rest of my outfit together!?

Looking at all of this I think I’m going a bit Gothic Poison Ivy atm but it might all change this time next week!

I’ve also got to sort the Boy’s cape out at some point…

So much to do to look fabulous. Hows everyone else’s Halloween costumes going?

The countdown begins… 24 days until The Belle Epoque Party Halloween special

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The countdown begins… 24 days until The Belle Epoque Party Halloween special

I love Halloween!

For me there is no better time of the year (xmas comes a close second… maybe if there was more fancy dress…?).

I’m a massive fan of dressing up at all times but Halloween means being covered in fake blood and looking as scary as poss without too many funny looks!? But this year I will be swapping the fake blood for glitter and heading to the Belle Epoque Party! I don’t think I could be more excited!!!

I have been wanting to go ever since I went to one of their sister parties (the Blitz party). It sounds right up my street…

Get ready to be transported to the sin filled alleys of 19th century Paris for La Belle Époque. Celebrate bohemian style and applaud debauched elegance at this unique new event that promises to indulge the artistic side of partying.

La Belle Époque allows you to re-live the absinthe fuelled hedonism of 19th century Paris with the people who brought you Blitz Party and Prohibition.

Lie back in one of many velvet lined alcoves and watch aerial and trapeze artists perform over your head as you sip on La Belle Époque’s Absinthe inspired cocktails. Watch the showgirls perform French dance hall classics and immerse yourself in a sound that could only have emerged from the streets of Paris’ red light district.

With tickets at only £20 I jumped at the chance to do something different for Halloween! Lucky for me Blondie, the Boy and my work girlys are more that happy to come with me!

Only a month to pull together a fabulous costume eeek! The Dress Code:

Ladies drape yourself in feathers & squeeze into a breath-taking corset, Gentlemen embrace your devilish side with dashing masks, coat-tails & top hats!

So as the Boy is over in Germany we spent last weekend sorting out his Halloween costume! We hit Camden HARD. Came away with black highway boots, a white pirate like shirt with billowy sleeved and a lace up front and a black cane! All we need now is this red devil mask to come back in stock and I volunteered myself (I don’t know how) to make a cape (thinking crushed velvet!?) and he will be quite a fetching Devil! I do love that he lets me dress him up!

Now my outfit is a little bit more tricky. I’m thinking burlesque woodland creature!? Lots of emerald greens and reds.  I’m using these images as my inspiration…

My shopping list as it stands is a killer corset and meters and meters of tulle to make a skirt like above! Hopefully not too difficult a task!? I’ll do an update of the final thing when (if) I finish it!

What is everyone else doing for Halloween? Hope your all dressing up and up to no good! Just avoid the Mean Girls slut rule…

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

And remember you can never have too much fake blood!!!

Great British Goodness!

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Great British Goodness!

How much did you all love the BBC’s Great British Bake off this year!?!?

I love baking! I’m very lucky to have been taught how to bake when I was little by my Mum! One of my fondest memories is making a crumble for my dad all by myself for Sunday dinner pudding! Weirdly I can remember the crumble recipe off by heart but my postcode goes out of my head instantly! So when this program started last year I was instantly hooked!

It’s so refreshing to watch a talent, reality show with no sob stories, no wannabes, no bitchiness just people who love to bake at home for their friends!

For anyone who hasn’t watched this (is there anyone left?) Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood make a fierce but very fair judging duo who show how extremely talented they are in their own fields of baking. Dropping hints and tips all over the place to the contestants, strict standards and coining phrases like “good bake” and “soggy bottom”  they where the cutest judging couple on TV.

Every week the competition sees the bakers undertake a new baking style and tackle three challenges: their signature dish; a technical bake, in which they are given one of Paul or Mary’s recipes with incomplete instructions; and the ‘showstopper challenge’ where they must impress judges with their creativity and technical talent. For me the technical challenge is genius as it levels the field and as its judged blind means it’s just about the bake not the bakers!

And Mel and Sue where for me the cherry on top of the cake (teehee).

I couldn’t express it better than the guardian when Vicky Frost wrote…

Mel and Sue, who paint themselves as highly-trained cake Hoovers rather than interrogative presenters. They have been a joy this series – I particularly enjoyed Mel’s reference to Mary Berry being dressed “as a cowgirl” and Sue’s rallying call of “team oestrogen!”, thus bringing the contestants out of themselves and reinforcing the supportive, funny and warm ethos that has made Bake Off such essential viewing.

I want their job!

They had a great selection of contestants but I was instantly loving Mary-Anne! As a ex international rugby player (not going to hold that fact that it was for Wales against her) and with over 700 recipe books she was always the most creative and experimental of all the contestants!

I’m desperate to try out her Ploughman’s Loaf recipe I found on her blog here

In the end the winner was well deserved… you can watch the final on iPlayer here. I really hope that good things come for these passionate people!

There is already talk about how this show has gotten Britain back into baking and a new cooking book

I love how they have shamelessly put Rob Billington on the cover!!!

Can I just mention the set as well!? I’ve never wanted to cook in a tent before in my life!!!

Just want it all…

Can’t wait till next season! If any of you fancy yourself a trophy too you can enter for next years here