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Bank holiday evenings on the other hand…

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Bank holiday evenings on the other hand…

…are made for cider, good company and live music!

So Blondie and I made our way to Angel yesterday to check out The Old Queens Head where The Magpie’s Nest was having an ALL DAY folk fest of live music!

I had no idea what to expect and it turned out to be a really fantastic night!

The pub itself was really pretty (especially the upstairs room!), not too packed with people but buzzing! We managed to find a couple of chairs and ended up seeing loads bands and lots of high jinks!

We were blown away with a band called The Ramshakle Union Band so much so that Blondie had to get us both a CD of their work! I’ve been listening to Misbehaving ever since – Beautiful!

And we got to see Frankie and the Jacks again and they where as good as I remembered from Lovebox, even with 3 snapped strings in one gig! – Hopefully there will be some recordings from them soon!

A fab way to end a Bank Holiday, even with a naked jogger chatting me up while I was walking home lol!


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