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A Vintage Tea Party

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I had a rather lovely parcel waiting for me at work this morning!

I discovered my amazing mum had bought me this…The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adorre!

I can’t get over how beautiful this book is! Normally as a graphic designer I get blown away by a fab cover only to discover that the insides have been badly laid out and the type hurts my eyes but this is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside!

Essentially it is a recipe book but with hints and tips on how to make you in to a vintage hostess with the mostess! Pages on how to tie the perfect head scarf, make vintage flags, paint tea pots, set victory curls and loads more to help make a traditional recipe book into a bit of a lifestyle bible!  Written by Angle Adorre, of the Vintage Patisserie, its full of beautiful illustrations, yummy food and drink and photos of Angel and her friends…

You’ve got to love a book with; Macaroons, Make-up, Male grooming, Mango and mint ice cubes for Bellinis, Marie Antoinette and Marigolds listed in its glossary!!!

By the sounds of things the launch party was amazing! Gonna be getting a wiggle on and head over to the Vintage Patisserie … right after I’ve planned my own tea party!

Love you Mum!

Oh and I’ve just seen that Tesco is offering one lucky person the opportunity to win a tea party for you and 12 friends here. On the other hand no don’t enter it I want this!


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  1. It is indeed a most beautiful book, inside and out. And thanks for the tip off. You will defo be one of my 12 guests when I win…lol!! x

  2. Thank You Ms Lenith! You are a sweetie and as you have a bloody good eye, I’m overjoyed even more that you like it… Well done to your mum! Love Angel (the Author) xx


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