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Sewing Boxes….too many choices

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With my new dress patterns sat on my desk waiting for me to find some perfect material for them I’ve been distracted by my obsessive need for organised storage.

My sewing box is falling apart and clearly seen better days,

but as I’ve had it my whole life I will need to find something special to replace it!

I’ve found some AMAZING sewing boxes ranging from cute plastic ones to random soft ones. Have a look…

Plastic ones:

Fabric ones:


Cute tins:

And random ones:

also I LOVE this…

I think the little chinese men box may be winning lol!  Lets hope the boy gets my hints!?


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  1. The history of the sewing box is that when I was 17, I came 3rd in a National cookery competition and I bought the sewing box with my prize money. I loved that box. Interestingly I used to have a pincushion with the little people round it too – but I think I lost it before you were born.

    Mum XXX


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