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Keep Calm and Clean Up

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Keep Calm and Clean Up

I haven’t written anything in a while as things have been CRAZY here as I’m sure everyone is fully aware!

Ealing was in a state come Tuesday morning…I think the strangest thing was that it was such a sunny day! I really felt it should be all dark and grey like when Voldemort too over london!

I was so shocked when I saw the extend of the mindless damage, all round the corner from where I live and work! all the independent businesses, houses and lives that have been wrecked by these ‘riots’.

The response from the community was AMAZING! All this madness has brought out some old war spirit within people and by 10am the morning after this destruction people were out in force cleaning the streets! unfortunately I was in work but so many people turned out they ran out of things to do very quickly!

I love this article on the guardian describing the feeling on Tuesday morning…

It started with singer-songwriter Emmy The Great at 8.30am in Westbourne Grove. Musicians have been busy all day – Sam Duckworth, aka Get Cape, set up the Twitter account@riotcleanup (70,000 followers last time I looked) and Kate Nash and the Kaiser Chiefs’ lead singer, Ricky Wilson, have been on the streets of Clapham. Out there, right now, hundreds of people are waving brooms in the air. Boris Johnson has visited. Government ministers have phoned me to see how they can help. People have created websites, Facebook pages, their own small local groups.

The action has changed things. People have said they woke up this morning feeling fear, but they now feel optimistic. There’s talk of reclaiming the streets from violence just by being there and talking. The broom, raised aloft, and cups of tea carried on riot shields have become today’s iconic images. How British. How beautifully British. And how very, very London. People have even produced “Keep Calm and Clear Up” posters. It’s a movement.

There has even been lots of Anti-Riot ideas pop up… I love this one

Lets hope the violence is over and London and the rest of the country can start to pull together and fix our broken Britain!


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