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Frankie and the Jacks

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Frankie and the Jacks

I just wanted to spread the love!

Blondie, La and I discovered Frankie and the Jacks at this years very soggy Lovebox festival.

They are a rather attractive 4 piece swing band…

Set within the walls of the wailing harmonica and the screeching fiddle the sometimes dark and often caustic lyrics belie the foot stomping swing of the double bass and guitar. Here is where comedy and tragedy meet head on to deliver a full spirited testament to Franky and the Jacks’ one and only mantra…“Make ‘em dance”

Franky Doody: Lead vocals and guitarJohn Beale : Vocals and violin,
Sax McGuinness: Vocals and harmonica,Tom Rosenfeld: Vocals and Double Bass.

As it was chucking it down we were looking for cover and followed our ears to this little tent and had the best time dancing and drinking to their pretty awesome sound! I have been playing Party Pooper continuously since then!  I also have deep moustache/hat envy!

I will definitely be trying to catch them again! They are going to be playing in London on the 29th August at Old Queens Head in Islington…hope to see you all there!


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