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I warn you now… I’m a massive geek! (FYI there are Cap film stills)

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I warn you now… I’m a massive geek! (FYI there are Cap film stills)

Blondie and I went and saw Captain America yesterday…I LOVED IT!

I’m very lucky that Blondie is as much of a comic book/ sci fi fan girl as I am, so we have been following the build up for the Avengers with a passion! One massive reason behind that may have something to do with Joss Whedon is writing the 2012 Avengers! And as Whedon is behind all my truly fav things in the world (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Doll House, Doctor Horrible sing-a-long blog) I am beyond excited!

So as Cap is the original Avenger I was expecting great things! And its didn’t fail

Comic book geekyness AND Vintage WW2… I was in heaven!

I absolutely LOVE a man in vintage uniform… though out of uniform was pretty good too!

Peggy Carter was a fab character as far as super hero love interests go! Loved her uniform and the red dress! the actress Hayley Atwell has said;

“I likened her character to that famous Ginger Rogers quote. She can do everything Captain America can do, but backwards and in high heels. She’s an English soldier through and through, although she always looks fabulous. She might stand there with a machine-gun shooting Nazis, but she’s obviously gone to the loo beforehand and applied a bit of lipstick. She doesn’t need to be rescued.”

My fav Carter scene… shooting Cap for kissing another broad. A woman after my own heart! Amazing!

 Liverpool has never looked so good!

ALSO – if your going to see it… stay to the END of the credits! I can’t understand people who don’t know that Marvel always add extras for us fan girls and boys!



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