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Bank holiday evenings on the other hand…

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Bank holiday evenings on the other hand…

…are made for cider, good company and live music!

So Blondie and I made our way to Angel yesterday to check out The Old Queens Head where The Magpie’s Nest was having an ALL DAY folk fest of live music!

I had no idea what to expect and it turned out to be a really fantastic night!

The pub itself was really pretty (especially the upstairs room!), not too packed with people but buzzing! We managed to find a couple of chairs and ended up seeing loads bands and lots of high jinks!

We were blown away with a band called The Ramshakle Union Band so much so that Blondie had to get us both a CD of their work! I’ve been listening to Misbehaving ever since – Beautiful!

And we got to see Frankie and the Jacks again and they where as good as I remembered from Lovebox, even with 3 snapped strings in one gig! – Hopefully there will be some recordings from them soon!

A fab way to end a Bank Holiday, even with a naked jogger chatting me up while I was walking home lol!


Bank holidays are made for Vintage Fairs!

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Bank holidays are made for Vintage Fairs!

As I had time to kill before bank holiday drinkies I decided to go explore Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair!

It was in Old Spitalfields Market over in East London and it was fab!

So many interesting stalls from vintage clothing, handmade retro clothing and accessories, “upcycled” furniture, vintage fabrics, nic-nacks, vintage prints, accessories, handmade stationary, movie posters etc I was in heaven! and it was FREE which is always good news!


Fallen in love with this green dresser I found on Ruby Rhino‘s Stall!

Every home needs a little bit of fabulous which is exactly what we provide at Ruby Rhino with our eclectic collection of upcycled old furniture. Each piece is sourced for its unique style then lovingly restored, hand-painted and finished to give a sparkling new lease of life. We embrace imperfection by highlighting natural holes, cracks and scratches to allow the original charm to shine through.

Need a bigger place for all the bits I’ve seen on their website!

My inner typography geek was loving these signs!

I still managed to find myself sort of working as well when I stumbled upon this fab stationary stall A Pencil Full Of Lead! Loved the illustrations on their cards! Have a gander at their website here.


I was very restraint with my shopping … until I found the Latham Street Vintage stall above and came away with an army jumper! Clearly I’m feeling very autumny already but couldn’t help myself! looked very similar to this one…

Of course there where some very stylish people walking around. Loved this awesome looking couple… I’m a sucker for leopard print!

All in all I had a fab afternoon of rummaging!

Judy’s next vintage fair will be in Bethnal Green on the 10th of September. Where they are teaming up with Rag and Bow! Check it out here. Make sure you go and snap up a bargain or two!

Amazing Headwear…!

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I have a new shop I’m lusting over… Janine Bazil’s Etsy shop!

With a explosion of glitter and quirkyness these are definitely some show stopping headwear and I must have them ALL!

With glitter hairbands, fascinators, burlesque hats, vintage inspired hats and amazing comic explosions headbands starting at roughly £12 I know exactly where my next pay check will be going, but at least my head will look fabulous!

It covers my vintage obsession AND my geekness, win!
Check out her facebook page here

Beautiful drawings…

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I’ve just seen that my FAVOURITE fashion illustrator David Downton has been appointed Claridge’s first ever artist-in-residence

David told us “Glamour and an effortless assurance are the hallmarks of Claridge’s. I am excited and honoured to be the first ever artist in residence at high fashion’s home from home.”

Our own General Manager, Thomas Kochs, said: “Over the years, some of our most iconic guests have been captured on camera and we feel David’s drawings will add another dimension to the already established archives of Claridge’s. David Downton has been a long time friend of the hotel and we have admired his work for many years. It is a pleasure to share David’s talent with our guests!”

We welcome David and look forward to showcasing his drawings at Claridge’s


I feel in love with Downton when I discovered his 2004 portrait of Linda Evangelista and have been keeping a eye out for his work since then! He pop’s up everywhere including the V&A with their Golden age of Couture exhibition!

And he’s even drawn the burlesque queen herself – Ms Dita Von Teese

Looks like a trip to Claridge’s is in order now… not that I ever need a excuse to dress up!

A Vintage Tea Party

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I had a rather lovely parcel waiting for me at work this morning!

I discovered my amazing mum had bought me this…The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adorre!

I can’t get over how beautiful this book is! Normally as a graphic designer I get blown away by a fab cover only to discover that the insides have been badly laid out and the type hurts my eyes but this is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside!

Essentially it is a recipe book but with hints and tips on how to make you in to a vintage hostess with the mostess! Pages on how to tie the perfect head scarf, make vintage flags, paint tea pots, set victory curls and loads more to help make a traditional recipe book into a bit of a lifestyle bible!  Written by Angle Adorre, of the Vintage Patisserie, its full of beautiful illustrations, yummy food and drink and photos of Angel and her friends…

You’ve got to love a book with; Macaroons, Make-up, Male grooming, Mango and mint ice cubes for Bellinis, Marie Antoinette and Marigolds listed in its glossary!!!

By the sounds of things the launch party was amazing! Gonna be getting a wiggle on and head over to the Vintage Patisserie … right after I’ve planned my own tea party!

Love you Mum!

Oh and I’ve just seen that Tesco is offering one lucky person the opportunity to win a tea party for you and 12 friends here. On the other hand no don’t enter it I want this!

Best post EVER!

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Best post EVER!

After a super stressful day at work and a soggy journey back I arrived home to find the amazing KT had sent me a beautiful Fishlock headscarf!

As I’m sure many people are realising that I have a slight addiction to leopard print (the boy refers to this as the “Pat Butcher effect”) so this will never be too far from my person!

I got so over excited I did a mini experiment of all the different ways I could wear this little beauty!

I’m sure there are 100’s of ways to show this baby off… and I plan to!

Check out my previous post on how to get your own little hands on some!!!

Thank you KT. I love my Fishlock!

Easily pleased…

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Easily pleased…

I have discovered the perfect cure for when I’m feeling down and grumpy…. The Big Bang Theory!

It makes me giggle every time, I just can’t help it (there may even be a dance that goes with the opening credits).

Lucky the boy shares my love of the show, but I doubt my love for Sheldon.

I think it’s the dislike of birds, the obsessive organising and routines and the love of geek t-shirts that makes us kindred spirits!

Want this now…

“Oh, Mario, if only I could control everyone the way I control you… Hop you little plumber, hop, hop…”

Does anyone else have such a soft spot for this show, or am I alone in my geekyness?